Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Grainless Pancakes

Grainless Pancakes 
Pancakes - a real weekend treat, right?! This morning I decided to make the Grainless Pancake recipe from the Maximized Living nutritional plan book. On the ML plan there is no sugar of any kind so what the heck do you have with pancakes in place of maple syrup? Got me stumped so off to the fridge I go. I ended up throwing a few organic raspberries in a bowl, mushing them with a fork, and adding half a teaspoon of coconut milk and a teaspoon of Xylitol. I used this spread sparingly over the pancakes and as small as these pancakes were, I could only eat 2! That's the thing about Maximized Living: the food not only fuels you, it fills you up which means no hunger between meals. That's what sucks about DIETS right? The hunger.

Leftover Pancake Batter
I doubled the recipe which gave me enough batter for another 2 breakfasts, and I stored it in the fridge. This all a part of my scheme to be super "food organized" mwahhh ha ha! I have to tell you, the pancake recipe in the book doesn't look as good as the one on the Maximized Living website. I think that this is a better recipe: Almond Meal Pancakes. There have been several recipes in the book I have prepared now that I found the online version much more preferable. Another one of those is the Chocolate Almond Protein Bars: use the recipe online, not the one in the book. I will be making another batch of these bars today and will post photos :)

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